Monday, August 30, 2010


What a time it has been over the last few weeks!! Our 9 year old Joshua has been such a pill....poor thing. We are in the midst of changing his meds and it has been a very challenging and frustrating process. There are times Tim and I get so frustrated and discouraged and wonder why? God tells us "Why not you?" There are occasions it would be so nice to have "normal" children, but define normal? Normal to me would be not having to take children into therapy 3 times a week, having multiple melt downs in one day, having to try to stay a step of head of children who are to smart for their own good...LOL..., not having to worry about what medicines will or will not work and are the side effects really worth the worry or wondering. Trying to explain behavior outburst to people who really don't understand and them thinking that you are lazy or not a good parent, hearing the comments from people "if he were mine I would just spank him." But then I look back and see the blessings in the not being so normal. The rides into therapy and hearing my children sing Jesus songs. Hearing my 9 year old speak a deep spiritual insight way beyond even an adults understanding of Jesus and who He is. Having the quality time with my children and getting to know what is on their hearts on those long trips to Vanderbilt, doctor's appointments and therapies. Praying with them as we go down the road and teaching them to love each other despite their different personalities... the way that God loves us. I have come to the conclusion that if for no other reason God gave me "un-normal" children but to keep me on my knees then I am blessed. God has been so good and faithful to us and He has given us the perseverance and strength to parent 3 very distinctive children. One of my favorite Psalms is 34. The first verse says "I will praise (thank) the Lord at all times. My lips will always praise him." I praise Him for loving me enough in giving me 3 beautiful and wonderful boys that He is using for His glory.

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