Thursday, August 26, 2010

CBS - Community Bible Study

Community Bible Study (CBS) is a non denominational indepth Bible study in which a group of women come together and go over questions from the weekly lessons. With the Holy Spirt leading us women share what He has taught us in our individual study times over these questions. CBS uses what they call the four part method. This includes: personal study, Core group discussion facilitated by a trained leader, a Lecture covering the passage of scripture, and a written commentary that reviews and clarifies the passage. (Four part method taken directly from the letter written by Dotty Larson in our Acts study book). We are studying the book of Acts this year and I am so excited to learn and discover new things. With the diversity of the women who attend we set aside doctrine and denominations and in unity learn more about Jesus. One of the great aspects about CBS is the children's ministry. My husband and I homeschool our boys and CBS has classes from birth through high shcool. My children love the CBS children's program. My two oldest children do the same lessons I do but they are broken down to their level. My kids and I often do our lessons together which makes for good quality time for all of us. We have wonderful children's teachers who go above and beyond the call of duty just so that mothers can have that quality time in their core groups and lecture. I have been so blessed to find a Bible study that ministers to my whole family. The stated mission of CBS is "to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in our communities through caring, in depth Bible study, available to all." CBS has fulfilled the desire of our family to learn more about Christ and to do it in a safe, loving and Holy Spirit lead way. I encourage you that if you are looking for an in depth Bible study with a precious group of women and an excellent childrens program to find one in your area. You will be blessed and will learn more about the Holy Spirit, yourself and your Bible. May God richly bless you as you serve, seek and be where God has placed you. God is faithful!!

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