Saturday, April 9, 2011


This last week has been such a sad time for our little community in Livingston. On Wednesday evening we received word that 5 youth from a local church youth group had been involved in a terrible accident. In a blink of an eye 5 families lives have changed forever. Over the years we have had each of these youth in some part of our ministries...VBS, RAs, camp, church activities etc. Two of the youth didn't make it. As I was praying for the survivors and all the families involved I was thinking about their relationship with the Lord and the possible impact that Tim and I may have had on them and their families. Did Tim and I reflect Jesus and were we Jesus TO them? Two separate you live out and the other involves personal interaction. As I attended the viewing of the young man they had pictures of his life from birth to the present on a big screen. He was 18 years old and I was thinking 18 years is such a short time and not enough pictures to show the pride and love that was so evident. His parents are such sweet precious people and such testimonies of Jesus and His love. My heart breaks as next week I will be going to another viewing of a young beautiful lady whose life was cut short. This tragedy has been a wake up call as to ministering opportunities that could easily be missed if we are not in tune with the Holy Spirit's leading. Some of the family members of these youth are not believers....I am asking that you please be in prayer for these families that God would bring beauty from the ashes and that He would do a great and mighty work in each family member's life. That He would bring about physical and emotional healing of those who survived. Our God is a great, loving and mighty God and He WILL do this.