Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Musings from the weekend

God is so good and faithful!! Over the weekend Tim attended the Walk to Emmaus. He went very reluctant to go and came back a very changed man. A man with a new purpose to serve God better and with a commitment to be a better husband and father. I am so blessed to have a husband whose heart's desire is to be, to the best of his ability, the best that he is able in order to be used for God's glory. In 2 weeks I will be attending the Walk to Emmaus. I am so excited. I am wanting to meet God on a different level and be more effective on the home front and in ministry. Over the past few months I have felt that God has been preparing our family for something. What? I don't know....what I do know the safest most effective place to be is in the palm of His hand (the center of His will). God is doing great and mighty things in our family and in our different ministries. I am so thankful and honored to be doing His work in the place where He has called me. My heart's desire is to be where He is.....right now He is working at Good News Mission in the low income housing and surrounding areas. If you remember anything remember this....God is good and faithful and He is always near.....He never leaves us and He loves us so much.